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Mourning doves, Lorine Niedecker: sources of The Mornith War

The Mornith War is full of things that got my attention at the time I was writing. Events in my neighborhood, my world … books I was reading … my nightly dreams and nightmares … whatever parts of my experience … Continue reading

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Blooms of June at Blackberry Rock

Drawn to flowers, I imagine what it would be like if I were able, in terms of scale, to switch with them. I am thinking of a flower so much larger than myself that its colors, textures, and smell encompass my senses; a flower big enough to make my immediate … Continue reading

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Midsummer mountain laurel

    … he followed the bear’s trail to … a dense stand of mountain laurel.                        The mountain laurel is blooming in the woods, putting out scads of white and pale pink flowers. In Ogin, a ritual hunt ends at a place where the mountain laurel is … Continue reading

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The Mornith War

The Bookstore of Gloucester is very kindly throwing a release party for the new book today. After the cover image, one or two notes on The Mornith War.  Some thoughts about having the word “war” in the title of my book. “War” is not a word … Continue reading

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