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Gabrielle Barzaghi

This past winter, Cape Ann Museum exhibited a show of Gabrielle Barzaghi’s drawings. Her work is all visionary landscapes and nightmare fantasy situations, and I was immediately taken with it. Gabrielle will soon be showing a huge new work at Trident Gallery in Gloucester. The … Continue reading

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June blooms, Fernwood Lake

The last post—about wanting to crawl into flowers like a bug—focused on some of the flowers that were then in bloom on the big rock beside my house. I had planned to follow that with another June flower post, this time dealing with Fernwood, … Continue reading

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Leather Made Shoes

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Midsummer mountain laurel

    … he followed the bear’s trail to … a dense stand of mountain laurel.                        The mountain laurel is blooming in the woods, putting out scads of white and pale pink flowers. In Ogin, a ritual hunt ends at a place where the mountain laurel is … Continue reading

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Who is building part 2

Yesterday I stopped and talked with the owner of the excavation company at the bottom of the street, and my questions of the previous post were answered.  The place on the hill is being cleared for a wedding reception!  There will be no … Continue reading

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Who is building what and why are they building it now

Something I saw out my study window this morning startled me deeply. On top of the wooded hill west of the house, craning its neck above the trees, was a huge yellow excavator. It was so visually dramatic, so monster-like, one of my first thoughts … Continue reading

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