Who is building part 2

Yesterday I stopped and talked with the owner of the excavation company at the bottom of the street, and my questions of the previous post were answered. 

The place on the hill is being cleared for a wedding reception! 

There will be no big house up there—just a tent for the celebration, a high place in the woods with a view of the earth going down to the sea. On the day there will be music and dancing, and candles and torches as it gets dark. Maybe the moon will even join in… if the weather is good, as Mr. and Mrs. Ernest V. Stoneman sang in the “The Mountaineer’s Courtship”. I hope they have the fairest of wedding day weather. (And as I imagine this, Marissa Nadler’s beautiful and eerie new song “Wedding” has begun to play here in my study, fittingly but without intention on my part.)

Zooming in on the excavator on the hill, seen through glass and screen

So. A break in the trees should be the extent of the change—for me, anyway.

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