June blooms, Fernwood Lake

The last post—about wanting to crawl into flowers like a bug—focused on some of the flowers that were then in bloom on the big rock beside my house. I had planned to follow that with another June flower post, this time dealing with Fernwood, a small lake in the woods to the north.

So, to bridge the gap between the last post and the next: Here are some of the pictures that would have gone with the piece I was planning to write, back before the neglect set in.

On the land bridge that crosses a corner of Fernwood Lake, I found what I think was sheep laurel. This spot isn’t far from the part of the woods where mountain laurel grows, the subject of an earlier post.

Also there were stands of pickerelweed. Along with the water lilies, they made the lake’s edge feel swampy. (Once, years ago, I came upon a big snapping turtle crossing my path at this end of the lake. I was totally surprised, and almost failed to call my dog back before he put his poor nose in striking distance of the turtle’s beak.)

There, a smidgen of last summer’s glory. Onward.

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